Liner Shipping

A core area of Logistick Solutions business, Liner Shipping is the transportation of goods by sea, along regular transit routes with fixed sailing schedules and ports of call.

Shipping Agency

To serve our clients requirements, Logistick Solutions has strategically-placed agency offices across the world, supporting our liner/ global freight forwarding shipping activities.

Supply Chain Logistics

Shipping containers are made of Corten anti-corrosive steel, built to standardised dimensions, and provide a means for cargo to be loaded, stacked and transported efficiently by sea, over long distances.

By their nature, containers can be easily transferred from one mode of transport to another - from a containership to a train or truck for example - without being opened. This form of 'intermodal transportation' greatly reduces time, cost and theft - while prompting a huge international trade increase between countries and across continents.

Logistick Solutions Container Services Container Types :

  • 20' Standard
  • 40' Standard
  • 40' High Cube
  • 40' High Cube Reefer
  • 20' Open Top
  • 40' Open Top
  • 40' Flat rack

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the transportation of cargo in ships between specified ports - whether in Break Bulk vessels (for cargo shipped in huge quantities), Container vessels, Tanker vessels, Roll-on/Roll-off vessels (for vehicles), or Barges (for negotiating shallow waters). The type of vessel will depend on the nature, size/volume or weight of the cargo, and requirements of the Shipper and Consignee.

Equally, there are numerous types of cargo transported by sea - General, Perishable, Hazardous, Liquid or Gas.

Odd sized or 'out of gauge' cargo (examples - huge machinery, special vehicles or sheet glass) can be transported in special containers such as 'Flat Rack', 'Open Top' or 'Platform', 'Reefers' (refrigerated containers for items such as pharmaceuticals or foodstuffs), or 'Flexi tanks' (for liquid cargo).

Logistick Solutions premium sea freight encompasses every aspect in the physical and paperwork chain - from the time your cargo leaves the door to arriving safely at its destination


  • CFS facilities at major ports
  • Transportation at origin and destination
  • Proactive vendor management
  • Vendor documentation
  • Customs Clearance
  • Customized consolidations

Air Freight

Air cargo is transported either by passenger or freighter aircrafts - depending on volume and size. Freighter aircrafts transport huge volume or oversized cargo over long distances. Due to an aircraft's cargo weight limitations, Airfreight is charged using a unit known as 'Chargeable Weight'.

Some Cargo Airlines are divisions or subsidiaries of larger passenger airlines, and use certain major airports as hubs for the transshipment of cargo to airports worldwide.

At Logistick Solutions, our inbound and outbound Value-Added Services include:


  • Air Freight Forwarding
  • Aircraft Chartering
  • Sea-Air shipments
  • Air consolidation and Deconsolidation services
  • Worldwide pick-up and delivery
  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing and Distribution

We also specialized in the handling of oil-field supplies as well as Exhibition, project cargo, Museum or art gallery goods

Land Freight

Land freight involves the transportation of cargo by truck, trailers or rail between specified locations. Within the 'Intermodal' or interconnected aspects of Land, Sea and Air transportation, Land freight is a vital link.

Logistick Solutions short or long haul land freight services include multiple point pick-up and delivery connecting sea and air modes,Customs clearance, Warehousing and a dedicated Land Transport department offering local and international services. We can also supply climatised trucks with GPS for special high value cargo movements and specialized equipment to handle oversize or overweight cargo.


  • International Transportation of all kinds of Cargo
  • Domestic Retail and Distribution