Value Added Services

In addition to cargo Storage, Handling and Distribution, Logistick Solutions offers a broad scope of Value-added Services. These include customs clearance and transporting your goods from port to Warehouse, Sorting, Segregating, Packing, Labelling, Bar-coding, Price tagging, Promotional packaging, palletizing, de-palletizing, product returns ('Reverse Logistics') and cross-border land trucking services.

With our experience in managing intermodal freight services across all means of cargo transportation by Sea, Land and Air, Logistick Solutions ensures your inbound and outbound cargo reaches its intended destination on time and with maximum efficiency.


  • Customs clearance and Transportation of cargo.
  • Sorting, Segregating, Packing and Labelling
  • Bar-coding & Price tagging
  • Promotional packaging
  • Palletizing & De-palletizing
  • Product returns (Reverse Logistics)
  • Cross-border & Land trucking services